Reflections From My First Lab-School Placement

felt as though the educators were being unprofessional, and this challenged some of my recently-formed beliefs about quality in the ECEC field – was this the kind of behaviour that makes people question the professionalism of ECE’s? I began questioning the “educated educators” myself and felt that these affectionate practices were especially unprofessional for a lab-school centre that provides high-quality childcare and learning.

Feminism and Childcare

This leads me to my main concern: the working conditions of the ECEC sector are unacceptable for a profession, and educators, who are predominantly female, are arbitrarily and unreasonably undervalued, under-compensated, under-appreciated, and overworked (which affects their work) compared to professions such as school-aged teaching or early intervention specialists. As the predominant caregivers in households and gender employed within the sector, it is primarily women who are impacted by this poor recognition.

Personal Philosophy Statement

This process is very trial-and-error based and often requires in-the-moment modifications to ensure appropriate engagement. We may remain on these topics until the children indicate they are satisfied and no longer curious about the topic.

Critique of All Party Platforms in Canada’s Federal Election

This platform does not address the current national framework which is substantially outdated in terms of investing in childcare, parents’ access to childcare for children of any age, nor any social justice initiatives. Nor does it respond to the layered issues regarding access to quality childcare and the reality of financial burden that is represented by our diverse families and range of parental working conditions. Further, without changes to our need-based subsidy approach that is failing many, many families, this platform does not exemplify its care for the rights of all children.