“Learning and growing with children has given me a deep sense of purpose and meaning in my life. Learning about what is meaningful for child development, various pedagogical approaches, and how to be a co-learner is something I am deeply curious about.”

So I started blogging! This is my reflective space to ponder and to flush out some ideas before they form into podcast-ready concepts.

Episode 9 – Authentic Conversations with Colleagues: Thinking about Art, Music, and Dance with Young Children – with Victoria Armstrong

Victoria, owner of Side by Side Consulting Services, is a skilled thinking partner for early childhood educators and brings many rich experiences and wisdom to this 2-part conversation. In this episode, and part 1, we engage is an authentic, reflective, and open conversation to explore our experience with, and our ideas about young children’s experiences with…

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Home, or lack thereof

“Home is created and recreated when I pick up and move unearth my roots maybe I’m meant to pass through. I see where I’ve harvested exploded in marketing and places that I am not native to“ (Barton, 2021). I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be on a journey and how home…

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Episode 8 – Pondering Pathways: Play! (Part 2)

Welcome back to a playful episode about play! While I intended for this episode to be about play theorists, the benefits of play, and how play and learning are interconnected, I ended up taking a walk and capturing some recent reflections from my own practice and experience about how I value and notice play, lately.…

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Episode 7 – Wondering About Inclusion From One Family’s Perspective, with Special Guest Sandy B.

What happens when a Human Resources manager (mom), a student teacher (middle sibling), and a grad student (eldest sibling) FaceTime for 5 minutes? Well, when it’s my family, we start theorizing about inclusion. What started as a spontaneous video call, turned into a deep conversation that challenged what we thought about inclusion, and called us…

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