Home, or lack thereof

“Home is created and recreated when I pick up and move unearth my roots maybe I’m meant to pass through. I see where I’ve harvested exploded in marketing and places that I am not native to“ (Barton, 2021).

I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be on a journey and how home is a place that is more temporary concept rather than a physical space. For many, homes are rebuilt across seasons, created out of scraps, everyday natural materials, and merely a space imbued with meaning. I have been thinking about home especially with this idea of high turnover and low recruitment and retention in the field of early learning and child care. With educator movement, we also have new homes often.In our current system, children have new (classroom) homes every year, every 4 seasons. Sometimes we are visitors, which makes me wonder, how well do we visit each other’s homes? For those of us who are settlers and immigrants, how well do we visit upon the lands we are hosted on for the remainder of our lifetimes? How well do we host others in our own homes, however temporary the home may be? I am enjoying the idea of all homes being non-permanent, and unravelling our territorial feelings. How does the idea of transient homes connect to our understandings of community?

“You keep remembering the first time you saw a bird’s nest, held together by an old shoe lace and scraps of a plastic bag. You knew the home of a person could be built like that, a lot of things you’d rather throw away” – Andrea Gibson

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