The Playful Podcast and Show Notes

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Episode 6 – The embedded, embodied, and imbued with Bob Henderson

In this episode, I had the great pleasure of chatting with outdoor education ‘guru’ Bob Henderson. As an experienced educator, guide and writer, Bob exudes wisdom when discussing of ways being with people outdoors. Through this conversation Bob and I find many not-so-surprising connections between my own experience as a student and Bob’s experience asContinue reading “Episode 6 – The embedded, embodied, and imbued with Bob Henderson”

The Playful Podcast Episode 4 – Glorified Babysitting

In this solo episode I reflect on the fight that ECEs are in to professionalize our work and gain respect by leveraging away from being considered as glorified babysitters. I wander through wonderings about different types of care and education across time, space, and cultures, and ask questions that feel unsettling to my own identityContinue reading “The Playful Podcast Episode 4 – Glorified Babysitting”

The Playful Podcast Episode 3 – Play! (pt. 1)

Brief summary of shownotes and references: Land acknowledgement: Dish with One Spoon revisisted – I misquoted the title. Jacobs, D., & Lytwyn, V. (2020). Naagan ge bezhig emkwaan: A Dish with One Spoon Reconsidered. Ontario History, 112(2), 191-210. Indigenous motherhood post: Reflection questions I asked and that are included in my Instagram postContinue reading “The Playful Podcast Episode 3 – Play! (pt. 1)”


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